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Creamy Eclairs

Quiche & Carry Catering provides tasty, affordable pick up pastries & desserts fresh from the bakery. Our Wine Country Area catering treats are always a sure hit with your Santa Rosa area catered event. Folks are pleased they did. Enjoy!


Mini Eclairs


Mini Assorted Cheese Cakes


Assorted Tartlets
Lemon, fruit, Bavarian cream & chocolate


Mini Hand Held Pies


Assorted Bars
Pecan, lemon, chocolate & fruit


Lolly Pop Style Truffles  


Assorted Mini Cup Cakes
With a variety of colors & decorations


Woppi Pies


Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display
Assortment of fresh seasonal fruits & berries

Assorted Cookies


Topped with berries & gold dust


Chocolate Mousse
In a shot glass


In mini martini glass


Choice of:
Wedding, Bar & Bat mitzvah, birthdays.
Cakes are decorated to your liking.
Chocolate, white, cheese,
rum & carrot


During the Holidays
Yule log, Pumpkin, Apples, Pecan Pies
& Cream Brule’

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