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Girl at graduation celebration.


No matter what grade it’s for, graduations and celebrations are a big deal for all Guerneville, Santa Rosa and Wine Country Area folks and Quiche & Carry Catering is here to assist.

Whether they’re a high school grad, leaving college behind, or even middle school, it’s time to celebrate their big day. Many parents think they should just have a cookout. While this is always a fun time, both parents are stuck on the grill and stove cranking out food all day. You have a party to host; let us take care of everything else!


You need to spend your graduate’s big day with them, not flipping burgers and baking casseroles. When you need to be there for your grad, you need Quiche & Carry Catering to handle cooking and serving your guests. We have great menus for your party, whether you’re looking for American, BBQ, or international flavors. We’re perfect for big gatherings  or small, more intimate family get-togethers. Whether you’ve invited twenty people or a hundred, you won’t find a better catering experience than us.


How about winter graduations? They can be tricky. You already have a lot to shop and cook for with the upcoming holidays. And with a graduate in the family, how are you going to have time to take care of that, too? Let us help with great quality food catered to your party. You’ll be glad you did!

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